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New Canvas projects are diverse and varied, targeting many different platforms and utilising a multitude of production pipelines. The one common thread is a focus on story and narrative. Through maintaining an approach that is founded on storytelling, the project’s goals are to find an audience and generate an emotional response.

Lustration VR

Lustration Series

Adapted from the comic book, Lustration is a 4 episode series that takes place in a fictional after-world. Eternity is a long time to spend with your thoughts.

Awake: Episode One

Enter the world of AWAKE, a ground-breaking first-person cinematic VR thriller, that blurs the line between memories, dreams and reality.

New Canvas Favicon
New Canvas Favicon

Atlas Obscura VR

Featuring incredible imagery, fascinating stories and hidden interactive gems that will transport you to the most amazing locations in the world

Wentworth VR

A tough and gritty VR drama. The official extension of the award winning TV series Wentworth, produced in partnership with Fremantle

New Canvas Favicon
New Canvas Favicon

VR Noir

You play Veronica Coltrane, a private detective forced to take a job for the money. Will you carry out your client’s wishes and cross the line?