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About New Canvas

New Canvas is an XR production studio established in December 2020, spun out of Start Beyond (previously Start VR) and helmed by new media veteran Nathan Anderson. The company produces and self-publishes a catalog of narrative XR projects for the Metaverse (including virtual reality) and has a slate of projects in development. New Canvas is focused on developing content and formats to drive mainstream adoption of immersive media over the next decade. New Canvas has offices in Byron Bay, Australia and Los Angeles, USA.

New Canvas is a founding member of the Byron Bay XR Collective and honours Australia’s First Nations Peoples; acknowledging the Arakwal, the traditional custodians of the Bundjalung Country, on which New Canvas was founded and the place we continue to foster a shared sense of belonging for all Australians.

Our Ethos

We have a passion for storytelling and a desire to change the world. We see narrative and stories as the key to human expression and how we generate meaning in our lives. Immersive media offers a perfect marriage of creativity and technology. All the resonance of a great film with the agency of a finely polished game.

We see XR as a pivotal tool in the evolution of our society and what it means to be human. A step into our own consciousness that can unlock a new potential future for us all.

Since the beginning of civilisation, we have used stories as a way to relate to each other. We are compelled to continue this tradition and choose to explore new technological frontiers to achieve it.


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News and Updates

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