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New Canvas

An XR studio for immersive narrative media

Human society has been on a remarkable journey with media. From the outset of the printing press in the early 1800’s we have come a long way. Immersive media (VR, AR, XR) is just another layer in the rich media landscape we can now engage with to draw meaning and spark imagination. 

New Canvas is an XR studio, producing and publishing entertainment content that aims to contribute to the development of a new language of storytelling. Like our predecessors in the early 20th Century film industry, we are just learning how to engage our audiences. 

As Marshall McLuhan stated in 1964, “the medium is the message” and nothing could be more true as we embark on this new immersive era.

Lustration VR

Lustration VR

Adapted from the comic book, Lustration VR is a fantasy that takes place in a fictional after-world. Eternity is a long time to spend with your thoughts

Awake: Episode One

Enter the world of AWAKE, a ground-breaking first-person cinematic VR thriller, that blurs the line between memories, dreams and reality.

Awake VR