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Lustration VR (Prototype)

You thought life was hard? Well life after death can sometimes be harder…. Eternity is a long time to spend with your thoughts. In the pilot episode of Lustration VR, you get a glimpse of life after death at Cheri’s late-night diner. Adapted from the comic book series of the same name, Lustration VR is a fantasy noir story that takes place in a fictional after-world known as The Between. Here you get to eavesdrop on local residents and follow them on their journey and their pursuit of Lustration.

Technology: Quill / Quill Theater

Hardware: Quest (1 & 2) / Rift and Rift S

Duration: 3.5 mins

Release: Dec 2020


Lustration VR (Pilot) Teaser Trailer

BTS – Quill Animation Workflow

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Cast and crew

Cast: Chris Coucouvinis, Markus Hamilton, Alex Williams, Paige Walker

Writer and Director: Ryan Griffen | Producers: Carolina Sorensen, Isabella Povolny, Wolfgang Bylsma | Executive Producers: Nathan Anderson, Ryan Griffen, Wolfgang Bylsma | Lead Artists: Justin Randall, Zoe Roellin