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New Canvas, Screen Australia & Animal Logic present

Awake: Episode One

In Episode One, you are a new presence in the story of Harry; a man obsessed with solving a mysterious lucid dream. It’s an obsession that has also cost Harry dearly and now he is stuck, waiting for release. You are the witness and it’s time for Harry to wake up! As the ever-deepening layers of Harry’s story are revealed a sinister force could lead to Harry breaking one last time. AWAKE presents a rich new genre of immersive story, for you to discover.

Technology: Real Time CG + Volumetric Video

Hardware: Vive / Vive Pro / Rift / Rift S / Index / WMR

Duration: 20 mins

Release: Dec 2018

Awake:Episode One

Awake Launch Trailer

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Cast and crew

Cast: Jake McDorman, Analeigh Tipton, Nicholas Hope and the voice of Alan Watts

Creator & Director: Martin Taylor | Producer: James D Marshall | Writers: Martin Taylor, Mike Jones and Christian Cantamessa | Executive Producers: Nathan Anderson, Kain Tietzel, Jaeger Battersby, Jake McDorman and Analeigh Tipton | Co-producer: Ela Topcuoglu | Associate Producer: Skip Atwater | Technical Producer: Isabella Povolny | Technical Director: Jaeger Battersby


Festivals / Awards

Media and Press

Must see… Awake’s first episode has few equals in VR. It’s a piece that understands the purpose of telling a story in VR and isn’t afraid to wrestle with new ways of involving you in a story. For that alone, you need to see it.
~ Jamie Feltham Upload VR

The details are astounding. The design of AWAKE is that special blend of charming and unsettling that games like Bioshock have tapped into so successfully in the past, seeming extremely specific and only vaguely familiar, sometimes in the same instant. It’s dreamlike.
~ Amanda Schuckman No Proscenium

The end result is characters with incredibly realistic facial expressions, motions, and gestures. This is no ping-pong-ball motion capture. It’s something else entirely.
~ Jon Martindale Digital Trends